Hello! My name is Oleg Samoilov. I’ve been doing commercial photography since 2006.

During this time I’ve already made 234 wedding photosets, nearly 300 business events and 357 family photo sessions and I certainly know firsthand what it means to sit in front of the monitor day and night with a heavy head and red eyes in an attempt to post process another photoset.

An efficient solution was needed to automate this routine. The existing automating tools didn’t work for me, I had to reconfigure and shape everything up all the time. I had tried 12 programs for automation, reviewed more than 5000 different presets, tried to work with a variety of services specialized in post processing, I worked with different retouchers who did it in their own way, and all of that I still couldn’t accept.

In the spring of 2014, before another wedding season, I gave the last post processed wedding photoset to my clients and I realized that I had enough of it. I gave myself one month to put the old presets for Lightroom in order and made a collection of the new ones that I’m using now for post processing all of the photos.

150 presets for each day and for every specific shooting task – portrait photography in the morning, studio shooting with a dark background, sunset photosession etc. The results came right away. Me and my team of photographers have already finished processing and gave all of the wedding photographs of 2014 to our clients. And now – the post production of 350 photographs takes only 10-15 minutes. I have recently added 49 more new presets for winter wedding photosessions.

Some presets I use for training students in the Open photo school in advanced courses as well. Recently I’ve decided to share this selection of presets with all photographers who also need the automatic photo process. Very soon these presets will be available as a complete package with a detailed explanation for 99$, but right before the official sale I would like to put the collection to a final limited test using the works of other wedding photographers at minimal price – 49$. If you are interested in it – click on the button and order.