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Hello, my friends! My name is Oleg Samoilov! I’m from Russia and I’ve been doing photography since 2006. I love photography and I enjoy sharing my knowledge with the beginning photographers and colleagues.

My main project in Russia is One year ago we created a collection of photo tips for beginners in photography in Russian language. It became popular and I was offered to translate these photo tips into English – I couldn’t refuse.
And here is the New Year’s gift for you! Photography tips in English. =)



photography tips for photographers


photography tips for photographers


photography tips for photographers

Focal length

photography tips for photographers

The rule of thirds. The basics of composition.

photography tips for photographers

Diagonals. The basics of composition.

photography tips for photographers

Color tips for photographers

The ration of image sensor and tips for photographers

Camera tips for photographers

How to use a tips for photographers

Portrait with blurred tips for photographers

Framing tips for photographers

A trick with a tips for photographers

Types of lightingphotography tips for photographers

Flash photographyphotography tips for photographers

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  1. Thank you for these, very helpful. I have been doing photography for over 30 years and recently decided I would like to teach my children about it but have been struggling to get the information across to them – mainly because I’m not a teacher. This has proved a huge help, again I say thank you!

    • Thank you, Mark

  2. Very good tips and nice drawings !

  3. Great tips… It will help if you can attach few samples to understand each effect. Thank you very much.

  4. thank’s very helpful

  5. Is it true DSLR cameras can adjust to one’s eye grade, so that we don’t have to remove our eye-glasses when looking thru the viewfinder?

    • yes with calibrating the Diopter of Your DSLR Camera

  6. Gracias tu trabajo es excelente !!!!

  7. Its very helpful for me as a beginner. Thank you very much.

  8. Excellent!

  9. This info graph is excellent, I have numerous books on the subject but this helps tremendously as a quick sheet.

    Thank you Oleg, thank you very much. If you ever create more of these Info graphics on this subject, please, let us know.

  10. I am a travel photographer from North East India, these tips will help me further. Thank you very much.

  11. It’s really useful and awesome. Thank you for your efforts

  12. its a great information for new photographer and who do not spend money for Photography Classes…
    thanks a lot ….:)

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    is tool for this task. Just search in gogle for – Fejlando’s tips

  14. Very nice and informative…thanks for sharing the Tips..

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  16. I was fascinated by the presentation. Well presented. You did excellently on getting the message across Oleg.

    Thanks and keep up the good deeds in sharing your knowledge and talents. I always believe that there is so much joy in giving than in receiving. God bless!

  17. thanku so much Admin

  18. Its very helpful. Thank you! 🙂

  19. Thanks, keep up good work of teaching and spreading skills….

  20. Thanks a million!

  21. I was cleaning out my bookmarks and came to your site again. Got to say how useful, simple and clear your visual designs are. I won’t be removing this bookmark !

  22. Hi,
    Thanks a lot.
    I run a photography club, I want to publish your cards in French, do you give me permission to publish them in French. Copyrights will not be changed.

  23. Thank you for these sharing your knowledge about photography skill and how to click photos.
    Moreover knowledge about camera mannual settings or a others.
    It is very helpful for me .
    Again thanks.

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