Where can a creative person find the inspiration, or the easiest way to get out of the creativity crisis

How often do we wonder where to find the inspiration?

It is indeed pretty hard for a creative person, to be exact – a photographer or an operator, to find the inspiration just because of one’s mentality. I myself often think about this!
I found for myself a very easy way to get rid of the creativity crisis.

At first, I wanted to write about my Pinterest and how I watch others’ pictures so that the ideas for photoshoots would rush in, but then I realized it won’t help neither you nor me.

The best inspiration for humanity will remain the problems. Within my recollection all genius people, involved whether in the field of photography or even in business, have a feeling of deep dissatisfaction with their own lives. They always search for different ways of solving their problems and eventually succeed. That being said if you constantly feel good and you’re satisfied with everything – that is most likely the creativity crisis.

How often do we wonder where to find the inspiration

The problems arise in two ways: you can make them up by yourself or you can wait for a little while for them to overtake you. If in the first case the problem you’re solving is your life task, in the last case – the unexpected problem is like a flurry of a very heavy load and it’s very hard to solve it.

If you want to solve your “problems” you need to set a great genuine goal. Almost every dream of yours can become a goal, whether you’re a photographer or an operator – any other creative person, it is essential to believe in it with all your heart, with every cell of your body and you need to move in the desired direction all the time taking either big or small steps. This way you’ll never think about where to get your inspiration, your dream will lead you and offer you the ideas.

 How often do we wonder where to find the inspiration

Now it is time for an exercise:
think about what you want the most? When you answer this question – make a decision to move only to this goal. Everything else that has nothing to do with your goal is a rubbish and it doesn’t worth your time.

For example, you may set a goal of becoming the best newborn photographer in the world. For many people it may seem to be an unattainable dream. But! If we analyze the newborn photography market, we can see that achieving the goal takes no more than 5 years. All photographers offer all the same, so it’s not that hard to become the best. All you need is 1, 2, 3 – a specific set of actions.

Any goal is achievable! Just believe in it!

 How often do we wonder where to find the inspiration

Ask yourself a question: why do you need it? Why do other people need it?

Ergo, choose yourself a goal and go for it, and then everything will work out well!

Artemy Lebedev has well said: “How to motivate yourself to do something? – No how – stay in the ass”.

Wishing you stay inspired, Oleg Samoilov